Message from the CEO

Letter to Investors

I am thrilled to address you as the newly appointed CEO of Ocumetics. I would like to express my utmost excitement about joining this remarkable company. Ocumetics is at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in the field of ophthalmology, and I am honored to lead the charge in our journey towards a future of enhanced vision for millions worldwide.  I have four guiding principles which will serve as our foundation to grow the business and return value to investors.

First and foremost, capitalization stands as a critical pillar for our success. By strategically allocating resources and seeking new investment opportunities, we will bolster Ocumetics’ financial position, ensuring sustainable growth and the ability to bring our revolutionary technologies to market expeditiously.

Secondly, I am committed to the achievement of all clinical and FDA regulations. As we pursue our mission to provide safe and effective solutions, compliance with rigorous standards and regulations remains paramount. Through meticulous clinical trials and close collaboration with regulatory bodies, we intend to secure the necessary approvals to offer our innovations to patients who are eagerly awaiting better vision.

Third, operational efficiency is an area that demands our unwavering attention. By optimizing our internal processes, streamlining operations, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we will enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness. This approach will enable us to deliver our products efficiently and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Lastly, establishing core industry relationships will be instrumental in shaping Ocumetics’ future. By fostering strong partnerships with key stakeholders, including healthcare providers, industry leaders, and research institutions, we will build a robust network that accelerates innovation, promotes knowledge exchange, and solidifies our position as a leader in the ophthalmic field.

Together, with the support and dedication of our talented team and valued investors like yourselves, I am confident that we will realize our collective vision of transforming lives through improved vision. I look forward to the exciting journey ahead and the incredible milestones we will achieve together.

Thank you for your trust and continued support.


Dean Burns

President and CEO

Ocumetics Technology Corp.