We are specialized at producing adaptive lens design technologies that provide clear and natural eyesight, helping to enhance people’s environment. With our innovative and patented Bionic Lens™ you can now imagine life without contact lenses or glasses. Sign-up below to be part of our vision, and receive email updates on our latest news.

Ocumetics Accommodating Lens Technology

Imagine a world in which glasses and traditional contact lenses become obsolete, and natural vision is restored with a simple and innovative solution.

That’s precisely what we aim to achieve with the Ocumetics Accommodating Lens technology (“Ocumetics Accommodating Lens”).

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Message from the CEO

I am thrilled to address you as the newly appointed CEO of Ocumetics. I would like to express my utmost excitement about joining this remarkable company. Ocumetics is at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in the field of ophthalmology, and I am honored to lead the charge in our journey towards a future of enhanced vision for millions worldwide.

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How Our Eyes Work

How Our Eyes Work

The experts at Ocumetics explain how we see, common eye conditions and how to care for our eyes so we can enjoy years of good vision.

After the brain, the eyes are the second most complex organ in our bodies. Each eye contains over two million working parts that quickly adjust to different conditions and environments to identify colours, objects and more.

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