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In 2012, Ocumetics Technology Corp., a Canadian-based research and product development company, was established to produce vision enhancement products and services through advanced refractive technologies invented and developed by Dr. Garth Webb. Alongside the management teams’ experience, Ocumetics sets the standard of excellence and ensures the highest level of products and services are provided to customers conveniently, efficiently and accurately — always.

Dedicated investors, employees and partners have led us to pursue ingenuity without borders. Currently, Ocumetics is developing ground-breaking technological advancements for the ophthalmic industry through disruptive technological design in the Ocumetics Lens. Its patented design may address many of the shortcomings of other surgeries and lens replacement options. The Ocumetics Lens is designed with the goal of helping people recover normal vision without requiring eyeglasses and without lag time in focus.

At Ocumetics, we believe uncompromised vision is a privilege tantamount to a basic human right. Our commitment is to empower and mobilize the globe through our exclusive patents relating to medical optics and refractive technologies. Our goal is to fundamentally change the ways that people interact with their visual environment.


As the founder and lead innovator of Ocumetics, Dr. Garth Webb brings 45 years of experience in clinical eye care and applied vision science, alongside a mission to empower people to better experience life, through clear vision.

His dedication to enhancing eyesight extends into his work as the co-founder of one of Canada’s largest group practice, Complete Eye Care Optometry Clinic, where he has had the opportunity of helping thousands of patients. Unparalleled, his experience and ingenuity have led him to become an innovator in the field of medical optics and refractive technologies. He previously filed a list of international patents that advance the capabilities of intraocular lenses, that are now held by Ocumetics. His extensive work has led him to be the sole inventor of the Ocumetics Lens.

Dr. Garth Webb

The human eye is known to deteriorate over time with the aging body. The natural lens hardens, loses flexibility, and can become cloudy (cataracts). Various solutions are available on the market, yet none address the fundamental issue, in turn causing the need for more stop-gap solutions.

For over a decade, Ocumetics has moved towards finding success in their effort to produce an intraocular lens, which can shift the focus of the human eye from far distance to very close range without perceptible time lag. Now, the potential of this elegant and advanced technology, together with details for its mass production and surgical installation, is close to being realized.

Ocumetics is in the process of developing new lens technology, which is expected to efficiently link nerve impulses with the natural mechanisms for accommodation within the human eye. Through the Ocumetics Lens, Ocumetics’ goals of contributing to the improvement of quality of life, while ensuring that safety and efficacy remain central to every facet relevant to patient care, is closer to being realized.

The Ocumetics Lens

How it Works

Ocumetics Lens technologies have been designed to create an accommodating intraocular lens, which fits within the lens capsule and eliminates the need for corrective lenses, using the natural kinetics in the eye ciliary muscles and zonules. The proprietary design has been created to be used as a replaceable device that serves secondarily as a docking station for customized optics and evolving nanotechnologies.

Its basic framework consists of two components that are designed to engage and interact within the confines of the eye’s natural lens space to establish a dynamic and particularly sensitive connection between eye muscle action and curvature change. This connection can be adapted for virtually any eye, regardless of the lens prescription.


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