Producing a well designed intraocular lens within an immaculate quality controlled environment is only the beginning of our dedication to patient care.  OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation has implemented a referral based selection process to identify and engage the surgeons most highly reputed for outstanding surgical outcomes rather than to release the OcumeticsTM Bionic Lens to the open marketplace.

OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation is pleased to announce that the data base connecting with the first of these select Medical Centers will soon be displayed within this link.

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Clear and unrestricted vision is a marvel that adds so much to the quality of one’s life. We at OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation understand this.

Our utmost desire is to ensure that every facet of patient care, from initial consult to final discharge, is met with the highest standards of professional conduct.  The final outcome for each person electing for the phenomenal sight enhancement capabilities of the OcumeticsTM Bionic Lens is of critical importance to us.  So it is as well for the entire patient experience.

Directional maps for  Medical Centers  coming  soon. Medical Centers

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