Corporations, as influencers of change, should be encouraged to deploy ethical practices that sustain these core values. The pathway forward for Ocumetics is based upon a resolve to optimise the value position of its clientele and stakeholder groups to build an enduring brand that is based firstly upon integrity.   

Intrinsically, Ocumetics has low capital requirements.  Thus, shareholder interests are protected from dilution and corporate governance is preserved - solid prerequisites for dividend seeking investors.  

 Enhancing the value position of consumers and professional groups around the globe.

Management Team

Garth Webb, Founder/Chief Scientific Officer: Dr. Webb brings 40+ years of clinical experience to the company.  Dr. Webb co-founded one of the largest group practices of optometry in Canada called Complete Eye Care Optometry Clinic.  He has the added distinction of being the youngest Chair in the history of the Board of Examiners in Optometry for British Columbia. Dr. Webb is a perennial innovator. He has invented and successfully commercialized several technologies pertaining to the ophthalmic and other healthcare industries, and is the sole innovator behind the Bionic Lens.

Mark Lee, Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Lee brings 36 years of business leadership experience in a variety of organizations from the service sector, mining, manufacturing, and academia, as a President/CEO, COO, CFO, consultant, and full professor in business. In these various roles, Dr. Lee has completed eight successful turnarounds in various companies and organizations. In addition, Mark has led and managed organizations varying in size from 300 employees to over 2,000 employees, with revenues ranging from $14 million to over $200 million. Dr. Lee also has extensive experience in growing company revenues, while ensuring lean operating structures.

Sandey Wang, Chief Financial Officer: Ms. Wang has over 15 years of public and 22 years of private company accounting experience and is proficient in all levels of accounting, financial management and reporting. She received her Bachelor of Engineering in 1988, financial management diploma from BCIT in 1995 and CPA designation in 2000. Ms. Wang has been a CFO in 4 different companies, including a publicly traded company. Areas of focus for Ms. Wang include regulatory reporting, capital management, business process improvements, system optimization, internal controls, and management reporting. She has a reputation for being very innovative, efficient, and dependable with specific strength in areas such as improving financial policies and procedures, internal controls and system implementation.

History and Overview

Founded in 2012, Ocumetics is a Canadian-based research and product development company that specializes in medical optics and refractive technologies.  The Company believes that uncompromised vision is a privilege tantamount to a basic human right.  Accordingly, Ocumetics is committed to empower and mobilize the eye care community with the tools to actualise this belief.

Ocumetics has an exclusive license to patented intellectual property relating to medical optics and refractive technologies, and is now developing what we believe to be the most exciting advancement in the history of the ophthalmic industry - the Bionic Lens.

Dr. Garth Webb developed the Bionic Lens to address many of the shortcomings of lens replacement options he observed in his professional practice with patients who had gone through cataract procedures and the like.  While existing lens replacement products have improved over the years, limitations of current technologies were self-evident.  The company believes that the Bionic Lens could eliminate the need for corrective lenses for people of all ages without many of the liabilities associated with laser surgery.




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