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In May of 2015, Ocumetics Technology Corporation announced that it had achieved success in its effort to produce an intra ocular lens that could shift the focus of a human eye from distance to to very close range without perceptible time lag, by utilizing the natural bio-physical structures that lie directly behind the pupil.  Five years forward, the potential of this elegant and considerably advanced technology, together with details for its mass production and surgical installation, has been realized.

The journey between an original concept to a finalized design has been subject to relentless pressure, on many fronts, to release a “First-to-Market” product.  Resisting this temptation, Ocumetics has held fast to its core values, believing that each human being, including early adopters, deserves the very best of care.  Ocumetics will not debut a product essential to quality of life, as is the Bionic Lens TM, with a design that would inevitably require modification to meet the demands of an enormously diverse and demanding populace..

With this ideal forefront, Ocumetics has prepared the Bionic Lens TM as a replaceable device that serves secondarily as a docking station for customized optics and evolving nano- technologies, which can also be retrieved or replaced at will.  Thus, consumers are free to enjoy access to lens replacements or ancillary technologies as they become available.  In its present iteration, the Bionic Lens TM has a facility to transform daily life, almost beyond imagining.

Certain exemplary features of the Bionic Lens TM  are to remain guarded from public view until commercial release; however, its basic framework consists of two components that engage and interact within the confines of the natural lens space inside the eye to establish a dynamic and particularly sensitive connection between eye muscle action and curvature/focus change.  This connection can be adapted for virtually any eye, regardless of the lens prescription required, so long as critical support structures within the eye remain in tact.


Certainly, timeliness is a critical factor in the rollout of the Bionic Lens TM.  In fact, the most common question that Ocumetics receives from its followers is “When will the Bionic Lens TM become available?”  Ocumetics wishes to assure all concerned that our team is doing its utmost to shorten this arrival time.  Ocumetics cannot control decisions made by any national health authority; its job is relegated solely to ensure that Safety and Efficacy remain central to every facet relevant to patient care.   

For any given population, the ability to see well reduces with the passage of time.  By 55 years of age, almost everyone experiences visual compromise.  People suffering vision loss due to progressive cataract might not have the luxury of time to wait for the arrival of the Bionic Lens TM.  We advise that you speak to your ophthalmologist.  

Announcements concerning regulatory approvals will be prominently displayed, nation by nation, through an Announcements link that will appear at the top of this Home Page.  Surgery facilities that  succeed in acquiring Ocumetics Bionic Lens TM inventories/support will be posted on this link under their respective national jurisdictions.  .    

WAIT AND SEE:  Ocumetics remains confident that the Bionic Lens TM: presents a completely new dimension in Sight/Life Enhancement.. Resources and affiliations necessary to mobilize a superlative network of eye doctors from around the world are now onside.  After a long, arduous progression, Ocumetics is on track to accomplish what it had originally set out to do, which is to contribute meaningfully to an improved quality of life for people world-over. With an advanced technology platform and finance in place, it is now merely a process of execution..  





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