This link will be activated sequentially as the Bionic Lens receives regulatory approval.

Beyond the actual surgical experience, OcumeticsTM Technology Corporation has an inalterable desire to help people make the right choices to consummate superlative vision for a lifetime. We wish for each person to receive the long term care that their eyes deserve and hope that they will look back upon their decision to make excellent eyesight a lifelong priority as one of their best.

The doctors featured within this link have been selected through the same peer referral process required for our affiliated Medical Centers.  

Sharing valuable experience and accurate technical information they are positioned to deliver the best of service; even when patients relocate.  They comprise an easily identifiable multi-national banner denoting reliable and high quality service for many eyecare needs.

The doctors appearing on this link offer significant comparative advantage.  The gap between affiliated and non-affiliated   doctors will likely broaden as momentum for the Celebration of Sight accelerates.

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